Finding Suppliers on Alibaba for Amazon Products

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find products on Alibaba to sell on Amazon.

1) Open up Miscrosoft Excel or some other program where you can create a table or spreadsheet.

2) Include the following categories in the spreadsheet header:

Product/Buy Price (High End)/Sell Price (Low End)/Volume/Buy URL/Sell URL/Comments

I have attached a template for the spreadsheet HERE

3) Search for the product on Amazon.

4) Search for the product on Alibaba, you can use either keywords or the product number from Amazon.

5) Find several suppliers, at least 4-5 and send them an email introducing yourself and tell them you are interested in learning more about their company and about their production capabilities. Ask for some samples of their product, do not buy in bulk immediately!

6) Once you have received samples of products you can check the quality and decide which supplier you will want to go with based on item quality and the professionalism of the manufacturers.

I will try to make a more in-depth guide later on that will include more tips and tricks as well as resources to review products.


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