Getting Started as a Ticket Broker

Becoming a ticket broker is a very lucrative business for many people. Being a ticket broker requires some knowledge of pop culture and the ability to identify sales trends within the industry. Typically, ticket brokers purchase their tickets on and resell them on the secondary market on sites such as StubHub, eBay and Craigslist. As easy as it sounds, it is more complicated than simply logging into Ticketmaster on the day of a sale, purchasing tickets and posting them to StubHub. Becoming a successful ticket broker requires a credit card with a high spending limit, and if you really want to be successful, it will most likely require the use of software that will automate the process of adding tickets to your shopping cart and checking out.

If you browse the Ticketmaster website and look up upcoming sales, you will notice that for some events there are “pre-sales” before the actual general public sale. There are different kinds of pre-sales and many of these sales are only available to people who own certain credit cards. One of the most useful credit cards you can acquire to access pre-sales is the Citi card from CitiBank. CitiBank has a partnership with concert venue promotion company Live Nation, and acquiring this card will put you at a huge advantage when it comes to buying tickets early. In order to apply for this card you must have an excellent credit score. If you have any negative items on your credit report you must address these issues before applying for the card. Any debts should be paid in full, because negotiating a debt for less than what you owe is reported on your score and will negatively affect your score. When applying for a card remember to ask for the highest credit limit possible and make sure you tell the credit card company that you are employed and can pay back any balance that you spend.

While you are applying for your card, you might as well start reading about the industry and start getting used to using some useful websites. is a vital resource and has up-to-date information about the industry and about upcoming sales and events. is a site that bills itself as the largest ticket search engine in the world and includes a comparison of prices from various ticket websites. It also includes pictures of the seating layout of each venue. SeatGeek is a great site to compare prices and see how much tickets are going for.

Once you have received your credit card and have become somewhat accustomed to the two websites mentioned above, you will be ready to experiment and buy some tickets. As for the software, that is something to consider once you are slightly more experienced. For now, put aside $100-$300 to purchase a couple of tickets for a venue that you think will resell and try posting them on the secondary market.


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